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So how do I let go of my anger? Generally, I bring it
to prayer. The complaints come unbidden, so I
might as well integrate it into prayer. What I’ve
found helpful is to balance anger with gratitude.
Near the end of my daily give-away year, I decided
to intentionally note one thing each day that I was
grateful for and to do this during morning prayer. I
call this my “gratitude offensive.”
It’s been a good experience for me. As soon as I
start fretting about the ills of our society, I call to
mind that at least I have electricity and running water,
or that we finally decided on which car to buy
and had the money to buy it, or that my back pain
and cold left in time for me to enjoy a dance weekend,
or that there’s a gentle breeze today, or . . . If
it’s a person I feel angry toward, I’ve taken it to
confession and forced myself to think of a positive
quality that person possesses and then hold him or
her in prayer. This may take a lot of repetition. I
keep reminding myself: Don’t quibble over small
stuff; let it go, and substitute gratitude. Remember
Rule of Thumb #10, Part 1: Forgive others. It will lift
your spirit.

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