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Reconciliation & Healing

Like all religious experience, Lent takes preparation.
Reconciliation is what God does. We prepare for it
by opening ourselves up, by reflecting on the areas
of darkness in our lives into which God so deeply
desires to shine a light. It might begin with a simple
question: Where might God be offering me forgiveness
and healing?
If my answer is, “I don’t know,” then I have some
reflecting to do. I can examine my life-what I have
done and what I have failed to do-and see what
graces are offered me there.
Coming to genuine sorrow for our sins is difficult.
We might think that anything that makes us feel
bad about ourselves is something to be avoided at
all costs. If we avoid guilty feelings, we ask God to
rouse in us a sense of embarrassment, leading to
deep sorrow, about any way that we may not have
been faithful, honest, loving, selfless, or generous.
We can look at our responsibilities as neighbors,
employees, members of a parish or congregation,
parents, spouses, sons, or daughters.
We might be intimidated by the size of the problem
that comes to mind when we ask where God
might be offering us forgiveness and healing

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