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Holy Week

“If any want to become my followers, let them deny
themselves and take up their cross daily and follow
me” Luke 9:23
Holy Week begins with the festive procession with olive branches as all the people welcome Jesus. But this week continues
to the mystery of Jesus’ death and resurrection.
But what does living Holy Week mean to us? What does following Jesus on his journey to Calvary
on his way to the cross and the resurrection mean? In his earthly mission Jesus walked the
roads of the holy land. He called 12 regular people to stay with him, to share his journey and to continue
his mission. He chose them from among the people full of faith in God’s promises. He spoke to
all without distinction: the great and the lowly, the rich young man and the poor widow, the powerful
and the weak. He brought God’s mercy and forgiveness.
He healed, comforted, understood, gave hope, brought to all presence of God who cares for every man and every woman, just as a
good father and a good mother cares for each one of their children. God does not wait for us to go to
him but it is he who moves towards us, without calculation, without quantification. That is what
God is like. God always takes the first step, God comes towards us.
What cross might Jesus be asking me to take up now in my life?

From Spiritual Reflections by Pope Francis

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