2609 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

(904) 387-2554


2609 Park Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32204

(904) 387-2554

Email: parishoffice@spsjax.org

Could St. Paul’s Catholic School be right for your child, relative, friend or neighbor?

Catholic education systems have been proven over time, and by surveys and many studies, to offer numerous advantages compared to other forms of education. Catholic school graduates perform better academically, are more civically engaged, more committed to service as adults and more likely to practice their Catholic faith than students educated in the public school system.

Could SPCS be right for your child, relative, friend or neighbor? We know the very best testimony for our school is the personal recommendation from parishioners, friends and alumni. We are currently enrolling students for grades pre-kindergarten 3, voluntary pre-K 4 (VPK), and kindergarten through 8th grade.

Please watch our video to see what SPCS has to offer!

We strive to keep this exemplary education affordable, and worry that many families are unaware of the financial aid that is available. Recently signed legislation has expanded the scope of private and state-assisted funding to reach many more families through the following programs:

1)  Family Empowerment Scholarships – a family of four can earn up to $99,375; 5 member families $116,400, and 6 members $133,425. The complete scale is on the reverse of this letter. All military families, regardless of income, qualify for full funding. All siblings of students that qualify for the Gardiner Scholarship qualify regardless of income.

  1. Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten for 4 year olds – state funded, and not income based.

3) McKay Scholarships – students that are 5 years old by September and have a disability     documented by an Individual Education Plan or a 504 Plan may be eligible. As disabilities range in complexity, SPCS is not suitable for every McKay student, but please talk with us about your specific student.  Funding is not income based.

4)  Parish Scholarships – we strive to not turn away any parish family that wishes a Catholic education for their child. In conjunction with the FACTS Grant & Aid program, we search for an attainable family contribution for those unable to pay the full amount, thanks to the generosity of parishioners current and past. Indeed, if you would like to establish a forever family legacy with such a scholarship, please contact us.

Please visit our website at spsjax.org or contact us at 904-387-2841. Let’s discuss what we have to offer, and arrange a school tour or interview.

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