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A Time To Bond with Jesus!

“Whoever loves father or mother more than me is not worthy of me- Matthew 10:37
Jesus underscores two essential aspects for the life of a missionary disciple: the first, that his bond
with Jesus is stronger than any other bond; the second, that the missionary brings not himself, but
Jesus, and through him the love of the heavenly Father. These two aspects are connected,
because the more Jesus is at the center of the heart and of the life of a disciple, the more this
disciple is transparent to his presence. The two go hand and hand. The condition of a disciple
demands an all-absorbing relationship with the teacher. Perhaps the first question that we must
ask is: “Do you meet with Jesus? Do you pray to Jesus?” Those who allow themselves to be drawn
into this bond of love and of life with the Lord Jesus become his representatives, his ambassadors,
above all in their way of living, to the point that Jesus himself, in sending his disciples on
mission, says to them: “Whoever welcomes you welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me
welcomes the one who sent me” (Mt 10:40) It is important that the people be able to perceive that
for a disciple Jesus is truly “the Lord”. He is truly the center of his or her life.

What has most helped me strengthen my bond of love with Jesus this Lent?
Spiritual Reflections by Pope Francis